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Dedicated to craftsmanship and customer satisfaction

Rock Solid Services, LLC

Rock Solid Services, LLC believes in impeccable service, from the first meeting until finishing touches on a project. We're dedicated to what we do, expressing our creativity with the environment and allowing you to do so as well. Our team consists of highly qualified individuals with a variety of backgrounds, and we always have a plumber on staff. This diversity enables them to bring many unique skills and experiences to the landscaping, grading and excavating projects we do. Our team knows the area and they know how to take advantage of it's assets, choosing the right soil and the right plants, flowers and trees, so your landscape project becomes the masterpiece it was meant to be. Enjoy your outdoors again, call Rock Solid Services, LLC today.

If it's just simple snow removal that you need, or ice management after a particularly bad winter storm, we're there for you any day of the week.

Inspiring Designs

We offer a wide variety of services. We aren't bound by limited experience or a low skill level. We genuinely care about the projects we take on. At Rock Solid Services, LLC we'll do a consultation to see what pool design, patio, waterscape, plant, tree or flower will fit best for your project. We take into consideration the shape that the property already has, what grows best in that area, and when designing waterscapes or hardscapes, what would best complement the project. Far from just sticking some things together and hoping for the best, we take each project for it's own sake and finish it cleanly and well until your vision is realized. For a beautiful landscape call us at 262-470-0471 today.

Snow and Ice Removal

There are many reasons to choose Rock Solid Services, LLC and two more of them are snow removal and ice management. Winters are notorious in Lake County, WI and the surrounding area. Call the experts and get snow and ice safely removed. Without the right equipment and the right amount of time, you could be hurt and your property could be damaged. As a team of experts, we have small and large equipment for all sizes of projects or tasks. Save yourself the grief, and safe your home or car from undue salt and ice damage. Call the experts and stay worry-free this winter.
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